CesiumJS 3D Mapping for Land Use Planning

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Land Use Planning Website

You can view the website your self at  We also created screenshot for you to examine above.

The flow paths are indicated by the red lines and the depressional areas prone to flooding are shaded in a semi-transparent blue. These data sets can be used to help developers visualize the potential limitations for building in these areas so they can make better decisions about how to subdivide the land and build homes and businesses.

Our Role

We used CesiumJS to build a 3D website displaying data for Land Use Planning

Project goal

The client wanted to build a land-use planning database for a location in Iowa in a low cost way. They wanted to avoid hiring GIS and web developers so they contacted us instead. Our task of this project is to display various GIS data layers on a 3D web page. less


We built a system 

We obtained high resolution imagery and LiDAR elevation data with our custom API calls. Then we conducted terrain analysis with the elevation data to calculate flow path and basins within the landscape. We used CesiumJS to build a 3D website that allowed the user to select different levels of vertical exaggeration. The user had the option of using different background image layers including 1-m aerial imagery or 1-m hill-shade maps.

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