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Who Are We? Geospatial Technical Solutions LLC is a Central Iowa web mapping company that builds tools and solutions for city planners, builders and decision makers allowing them to make better land-use planning decisions. We are your affordable mapping solution, that makes it easy for you to utilize, share, and communicate actionable information to your team.  Let our team of GIS and land-use planning experts do the hard work of finding actionable data for your areas of interest and put them together in maps that tell your story.

What problems do we help you solve?  Many datasets are available that can help make better, more cost effective decisions, but they are often underutilized because a GIS staff is costly, software can be expensive, and obtaining and processing the data can be difficult.

What we can do for you.  Our team of experts can build these datasets for you at an affordable price.  We use cutting-edge 2D and 3D mapping techniques that allow to create stunningly beautiful visualizations for your team.  Our solutions are web based, so you can view them anywhere, anytime.  We will make you the smartest person in the room for only 20 cents per acre.

3D visualization
Communicate with stunning 3D visualizations
Powerfully depict water dynamics
Powerfully depict water dynamics
Upgrade your package with hi-resolution from one of our prefered imagery providers
Upgrade your package with hi-resolution from one of our prefered imagery providers. Imagery courtesy of Cornerstone Mapping

Special Offer*.  Available now with this limited-time introductory offer of 20 cents ($0.20) per acre, and we will build your land use planning website.   Contact us at T&C applies.

Example Land Use Website url:

*Terms & Conditions.  Offer valid until 31 Oct 2019 only.  We will host your data for one year. Minimum purchase of $5,000 for special pricing.  

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